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well fuck yeah

we can live like this

30 March
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i'm 23. i live in western australia. i worked a lot, then i traveled a lot, and now i'm a student with too much free time that i like to spend with the song of ice and fire series, and parks and recreation dvds.


a single man, acknowledging global warming, adam scott, amy poehler, antonio nussembaum, april ludgate, architecture in helsinki, arrested development, arya stark, australian uv, bachelorette, bagism, baidu, because i like sky, ben wyatt's terrible face, big ol fat rain, bikram yoga, birdy's skinny love, bluths on segways, breaking bad, brooke fraser, christopher hitchens, coastal sunsets, coffee table books, collegiate spies, colour-coding, colours, cooking, creating pseudonyms, death cab for cutie, death cab lyrics, decent human beings, dedication, deer, demanding answers, denmark vs peru, dexter, drinking tea, english spelling, fight club, florence and the machine, foster the people, frightened rabbit, game of thrones, god is not great, good customer service, googling everything, hamish & andy, huge smiles, ikea bookshelves, inspiration, inspiring women, instagram, jeffrey campbell boots, john lennon, karen walker sunglasses, kindness, kissing a cute boy, latin phrases, learning languages, legalisation of gay marriage, lemon iced tea, leslie knope, lipstick feminism, mad men, making cocktails, memento mori, milan kundera, mindfulness, modern family, modern philosophy, motivation, mutant lovers, of monsters and men, organisation porn, organising shoes, parks and recreation, passion, postsecret, quiet spaces, reading about genocide, reading style blogs, rebel wilson, richard dawkins, road trips, roger ebert reviews, ron swanson, sal paradise, sea wolf, secretdiary of a callgirl, selflessness, siddhartha, singing loudly, sleeping all day, socrates, sofia coppola, sparkling wine, strippers named equality, style voyeurism, summer air, summer heights high, sunbleached afternoons, sunshine, swinging in hammocks, swinging on swings, syntax (really), tapas in madrid, teapots, the beach, the constant gardener, the decemberists, the great gatsby, the office, the postal service, the shins, the stark family, the virgin suicides, tokyo dreams, travel, tumblr, twitter, unicycles, vintage postsecret, waking all night, winter's bone, yoko ono